Guelph Organic Soil Treatment


Want to see Guelph Organic Soil Treatment in action before you commit?

If you would like us to compare our services against your current best practices before making the switch, we provide a trial service — including product, application, and monitoring. Trial sites are flexible and can be set to any budget or acreage requirements.

Guelph Organic Soil Treatment will:

  • Provide fertilizers and biological products for the program
  • Provide soil samples and analysis comparing the trial to the control group
  • Respond to queries and provide clarification/direction within 2 business days
  • Apply GOS organic turf management program 3 times a year — spring, summer and fall
  • Facilitate review of project evaluation and co-develop recommendations for the next season

Client will:

  • Designate trial areas for program purposes
  • Ensure designated program area is not treated with products other than specified by Guelph Organic Soil Treatment
  • Modify best practices to align with practices recommended by Guelph Organic Soil Treatment
  • Assign personnel to meet with Guelph Organic Soil Treatment prior to program commencement to jointly develop program objectives for the project evaluation logbook
  • Collect pre- and mid-season field data; take before and after photos and record data/photos in project evaluation logbook
  • Review the project with Guelph Organic Soil Treatment at the end of the season and co-develop recommendations for the next season

For trial requests, please contact us at

Bulk Purchase planning and purchasing:

Skip the trial and apply in-house or with your preferred contractor.

For quotes, trials and more information on buying Guelph Organic Soil Treatment in bulk,
contact us at: