Guelph Organic Soil Treatment


Guelph Organic Soil Treatment offers an alternative to feeding plants from above with traditional synthetic fertilizer. The Guelph Organic Soil Treatment feeds the soil below, and lets the soil feed the plants.

STEP 1. stop using synthetics

  • Synthetic fertilizer supresses soil biology and feeds plants from above
  • Synthetic pesticide kills beneficial microbe populations
  • Synthetic herbicide is a short term solution with diminishing returns

STEP 2. apply healthy soil biology

  • Healthy soil biology feeds, waters, and defends your plants from below
  • Healthy soil biology shifts the soil footprint to allow grass to naturally dominate weeds
  • Healthy soil biology creates a custom fertilizer system with your plants

STEP 3. Feed healthy soil biology

  • Feeding plants from above promotes shallow, drought-vulnerable root system
  • Feeding nutrients directly to plants reduces root interaction with microbe population
  • Feed healthy soil biology rather than feeding your plants
  • Feed the soil and it will feed, water, and defend plants from below


Want to see the Guelph Organic Soil Treatment in action?